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Immediate-Loading Implants (NobelSpeedy™)

Replacing a missing tooth has never been the same with the technological breakthrough of Dental Implants, yet the technology has been relentless with further development. And just recently, a new milestone in Implant Dentistry has emerged – Immediate-Loading Dental Implants.

Nobel Biocare, one of the world’s leading innovators in the field of implant-based dental restorations, has once again proven its unparalleled innovation with the introduction of the Immediate “NobelSpeedy™” Dental Implants. These implants offers the ultimate solution in immediately replacing your missing tooth/teeth. These new breed of Dental Implants also provides great stability and guarantees the look, feel, and function of your natural teeth – Immediately!


The grooves on the dental implant’s threads make the difference. With extensive research and protracted testing, it is discovered that grooves on the threads generates a faster osseointegration process, since bone forms more in a spiral-like action then eventually spreads laterally over the entire surface. Moreover, the grooves actually produce a guiding effect on the bone-forming cells and with an increase in osseoconductive properties.


With proven effectiveness of grooves on the implant’s threads that provides up to 30% escalation in stability with regards to the implant’s foundation, grooves on the implant’s collar are added as well, expanding the bone-to-implant’s contact area. This concept increases swift healing time and further stability as maximum integration on the implant’s surface is achieved.


Another key factor which makes NobelSpeedy™ Implants far more advantageous over standard dental implants is TiUnite®, a distinctive implant layering material that intensifies osseointegration. Even on challenging soft bone and under immediate loading conditions, TiUnite® significantly enhances bone integration due to its coagulated rough titanium oxide layer which characterises high crystalline properties and rich phosphorous contents.


A thorough examination will be carried out by your dentist in preparation for the procedure proper. This will include one or more dental x-rays to ensure a successful end result. This would also be the best time to raise any additional concerns regarding the treatment.

The next step is installing the NOBELSPEEDY GROOVYTM Implant Screw. The surgical procedure will be faster compared to when installing conventional implants since these special dental implants only requires short drilling protocols. A temporary crown will be provided to protect the implant and let you eat and function normally while waiting for the implant to fully integrate with the bone.

When proper implant-to-bone integration is achieved, the next step involves the placement of the permanent ceramic dental crown. Necessary techniques will be utilized by your dentist to make sure your new tooth is properly installed so that a natural appearance as well as proper function is achieved.

The end result would be a new tooth that looks, feel, and function just like a natural tooth. You can go back to your usual activities and feel more confident exuding your best smile ever. Make sure to practice good dental hygiene to maintain the tooth and the surrounding gums healthy and clean.

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