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Gum Recontouring / Gum shaping

A "gummy" smile can make teeth look short and unattractive. With the ease and comfort of an ordinary blade or a laser, gums can be reshaped to reveal a more appealing smile. With the new technology, not only can it quickly sculpt excessive and uneven gums, it also immediately seals the tissue, helping the patient to heal faster and more comfortably. This procedure can be completed in a single office visit.

How It's Done?
Gum recontouring is a safe, comfortable procedure. The dentist will first numb the gums with anesthetic. Then, with a laser light or ordinary blade, he or she will gently re-shape the gum line, sculpting excessive and uneven tissue. Our gum dentist will use either blade or a diode laser to sculpt your gum tissue. Like any laser, this intense beam of light cuts the tissue quickly. However, at the right setting, it will not affect the tooth structure surrounding and underneath the gums.

Recover/Post Op Expectations:
Following gum recontouring, the gums may be tender and swollen for up to one week. To reduce the symptoms, patients should take Ibuprofen and rinse with salt water.

Complications are rare, and at most a patient may experience minor tenderness.

Am I a Candidate?
If you have a "gummy" smile that makes your teeth look short and unattractive, or if you reveal too much of your gum tissue when you smile, you are a candidate for gum recontouring.

Post Operative Care Instruction

  1. The temporary dressing at the surgical area will be set within 3 hours. Chewing on the surgical site should be avoided during this period.
  2. If you experience some pain or discomfort, take pain-controlled medication (such as Tylenol, Paracetamol,etc) every 4-6 hours. If antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs have been prescribed, please follow the instruction strictly.
  3. If the swelling occurs on the day after the surgery, use the cold pack to relieve the symptom by pressing the cold pack or ice pack on the swollen cheek every 5 minutes, on and off.
  4. Brush your teeth as normal except the surgical area that should be gently clean with wet cotton.
  5. If you have any problems such as severe pain, severe swelling, or excessive bleeding, please come back to see the doctor as soon as possible. If there is no concerning symptom , please come back on the appointment date for complete follow-up and suture taken off.
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