MALO CLINIC Protocol All-on-4™

The MALO CLINIC Protocol All-on-4™
"Teeth-in-24 Hours"

Permanent Teeth in just 24 Hours...

  • 4 Dental Implants & a Full-Jaw Fixed Bridge in just 24 Hours
  • No Bone Grafting Needed
  • Nobel Biocare Dental Implants
  • Out Patient Surgery (return home the same day with full set of teeth)
  • Beautiful & Natural looking smile (12 different smile designs to choose from)

Change Your Smile, Change Your Life…. In just 24 hours

What is Teeth in Just 24 Hours?

The MALO CLINIC Protocol All-on-4™ is a revolutionary oral rehabilitation dental procedure developed by our partner, Dr. Paulo Malo, a European dentist, and Nobel Biocare®, the #1 dental implant company in the world. This revolutionary and unparalleled concept of restoring an entire jaw with only 4 dental implants was invented in 1993 and it has since become the leading choice for patients who are either edentulous, have loose/ill-fitting dentures, or patients who have hopeless teeth.

How is it possible to do a full-jaw & fixed-bridge with only 4 dental implants?

The MALO CLINIC All-on-4™ dental procedure allows qualified candidates to leave our clinic with only 4 specially designed dental implants that are strategically positioned from one another so they can handle the pressure from chewing. This allows the implants to be immediately loaded with a fixed dental bridge.

Benefits of All-on-4™ Teeth in 24 Hours

Go Home with a New Set of Teeth…

The MALO CLINIC All-on-4™ dental solution allows the patient to have teeth in just 24 hours after the dental implant placement and return home with a brand new and a beautiful smile. The patient can then begin eating soft food immediately and over time as the implants become stronger and fuse to bone to return to normal diet food.

No Bone Grafting Required…

The MALO CLINIC Protocol All-on-4™, in majority of cases, does not require the patient to undergo a bone grafting dental procedure compared to other dental implant fixed restoration techniques. This allows the patient to heal faster, complete the treatment faster, and save substantially on the cost of the treatment.

Pros and Cons Comparison

All-on-4™ Treatment


  • Minimally invasive surgery with only 4 implants
  • No Bone grafting ( No additional time needed for healing and no additional cost )
  • Fixed teeth in just 24 hours
  • Can eat immediately
  • Can chew hard food after healing
  • Stops Jaw Bone Resorption
  • No Sore gums
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Beautiful and natural looking teeth
  • No palatal coverage on the top
  • Food tastes better


  • Higher initial investment
  • Treatment must be done by a highly qualified, skilled and competent team of surgeons and prosthodontists

Implant Over-Dentures


  • Provides Stability compared to conventional Dentures
  • Cost less than an All-On-4
  • A good transitional treatment to ALL-on-4 (Only for economical reasons but will cost more on long-term)


  • Removable not permanently Fixed
  • Treatment time takes longer- Immediate Loading not possible
  • On-going maintenance cost for attachment replacements and relines
  • Can cause soreness
  • Food impaction
  • Jaw bone continues to resorb where no implants are located
  • Cannot chew hard food

Conventional Dentures


  • Fast
  • Cheap


  • Unnatural
  • Bulky
  • Palatal coverage on the top
  • Moves
  • Causes Sore gums
  • Responsible for jaw Bone Resorption
  • Can not chew hard food
  • Affects social life and intimacy

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Sea Smile "Teeth-in-24 Hours" Promotion

Now you can have the original MALO CLINIC Protocol All-on-4™ at an affordable price. Do not settle for a non-original treatment!!!

First Class Treatment for less than the cost of a First Class Overseas Ticket...

CASH OPTION: 300,000 Baht or 11,520 Australian $

Price includes MALO CLINIC All-on-4™ Surgery & MALO CLINIC ALL-ACRYLIC Bridge (The fees for the Nobel Biocare Implants and Dental Laboratory are also included)

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