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International Patient Gurantee Program (IPGP®)


As a patient of Sea Smile Dental Clinic, you now have that extra peace of mind that when you are traveling or going back home and should a problem arise with your dental work, you have access to a local MALO CLINIC in more than 62 cities around the world.

Who is Covered?

All patients who have received dental implant or a related dental implant treatment at any of Sea Smile Dental Clinic locations in Thailand.

What dental procedures are covered under the program?

IPGP covers all minor dental corrections related to dental implants such as; dental implant surgery, implant abutments, crowns, dental implant bridges, All-On-4™, and Zygomatic Dental Implants.

How long is the IPGP Warranty Period?

The IPGP warranty period is a parallel program to Sea Smile Dental Clinic normal warranty period.

What about other dental procedures other than dental implants?

The IPGP offered through Sea Smile Dental Clinic is specifically designed for dental implant patients. However, non-dental implant patients can benefit from knowing that they can access high quality MALO CLINIC practitioners around the globe should they face a dental problem.

What is the list of all of the locations where I can access a MALO CLINIC?

The following is a map showing the locations of MALO CLINICS around the world. As MALO CLINIC grows around the world, there will be additional cities added and that may not be included on this map. To find out the nearest MALO CLINIC to your location, contact our customer service department at +(662)1054288 or dentist@thaidentalcenter.com

3 Easy Steps to Process your IPGP


If you experience any problems with your dental work, contact us immediately at:

Bangkok: contact@bangkoksmiledental.com or +(662)1054288

Phuket: dentist@thaidentalcenter.com or +(662)1054288


Our customer service representatives will search your records and determine your eligibility and will find a local authorized MALO CLINIC nearest to you. Your treatment information will then be transmitted to the local center along with your warranty information and an appointment will be coordinated within the local MALO CLINIC.


You will visit your designated MALO CLINIC and the local dentist will determine the nature of your problem and will present a solution to our clinic. If the problem is minor and your treatment falls under the normal warranty period, the local MALO CLINIC dentist will treat the problem. If the problem you are experiencing is of a major problem, the local dentist will contact our clinic and discuss the best solution for your treatment.


Your normal warranty period at our clinic as well as your commitment to regular exam and check-up will determine your eligibility for coverage. For all major corrections, you may have to return to the original MALO CLINIC location where your treatment was completed. All treatment warranties regardless of category (Major vs. Minor Correction) are paid for by the original clinic where treatment was provided. For the program to be valid, you must inform our customer service department immediately of any problems that you may be experiencing prior to contacting a local MALO CLINIC. You may contact our customer service via email at dentist@thaidentalcenter.com