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At Sea Smile Dental Clinic, we’re all about helping you achieve your dream of a stunningly beautiful smile.

In line with our sincere efforts to provide you with convenience through our Free Online Consultation services, we have developed a sophisticated concept which allows us to efficiently respond to your individual preference and offer viable solutions which are most suitable for you. Our primary concern is addressing your personal needs while providing convenient and warm services.

Our SmileCheck feature is your first step towards achieving your great new smile. With this concept, as part of your FREE initial online consultation, we definitely put you in-control of the situation. Our approach is very simple; once a photo of your smile and a short description of your ideas are uploaded to us, we harness the true power of computer graphics to analyze the harmony of your present dental situation. We will then send you a detailed presentation with which you will be able to view your enhanced smile alongside the various options for improvement.

SmileCheck allows you to see a virtual presentation of how each and every treatment option will transform your smile positively. The concept actually combines advanced technology with your specific needs and ideas to create the ideal basis for your customized treatment plan.

Get started with SmileCheck now...Smile...Click...& Upload!

Getting your Free SmileCheck is such a breeze. By simply submitting your photo upload, we will be able to provide a detailed aesthetic analysis with corresponding treatment options for your present dental situation. This includes a view of how your new smile would totally look like with your full facial features.

Take your shot now with these following tips:

✓ Stand straight or upright.

✓ Maintain a straight head and look directly into the lens of the camera.

✓ Remember to focus the camera on your entire face.

✓ Keep your eyes open during the shot.

✓ Make your smile as wide as possible, making sure that your upper and lower teeth are     clearly visible.

* You can easily upload your photo in either .jpeg or .png format using the form above.

Basic DO's & DONT's for your SmileCheck Photo: