Professional Home Bleaching Kits

If you’re tired of hiding your teeth to flash your big, bright smile – you may want to consider one of our teeth whitening treatment. Our professional Home Bleaching Solution is recommended if you want to whiten your stained or discoloured teeth; at home and in your own time.

Home Bleaching is also perfect for maintaining your pearly whites at home following a laser teeth whitening procedure or other in-office whitening treatment.

Home Bleaching kits are made available if you want to whiten your teeth in the convenience of your own home and time. Most kits use a mixture of peroxide to bleach the enamels of the teeth. The peroxide acts as the bleaching agent that may come in various concentration levels and typically comes in gel form that is to be placed in a mouth-guard/tray which is usually included in the kit. In general, there are two kinds of Home Bleaching solutions:
  • OTC or Over-the-Counter Bleaching Kits – These whitening kits are available on most drugstores or supermarkets. The kit typically includes a bleaching gel with a lower concentration compared to the ones dispensed by a dental clinic, and a generic (one-size-fits-all) tray. OTC Bleaching Kits may also come in the form of whitening strips or paint-on applicators which usually uses hydrogen peroxide as a whitening agent.

  • Professional Home Bleaching Kits – These kits are professionally dispensed by a dentist in your dental clinic. It primarily involves taking an impression of your mouth to be able to fabricate a customized bleaching tray (or mouth-guard) that snugly but comfortably fits in your mouth. This provides the safest most effective whitening process because the bleaching gel that is placed on your custom-built tray is spread thoroughly and evenly applied to directly to your teeth while your gums are protected. In addition, the concentration level of the bleaching gel has higher concentration than that of its OTC counterpart.

At Sea Smile Dental Clinic, we only provide with you the latest most advance teeth whitening technology, because you deserve nothing but the best when it comes to whitening your smile. We have been a proud partner of OPALESCENCE® Tooth Whitening Systems by Ultradent Products USA for many years now and still continue to be among the best-performing provider since 2011.

OPALESCENCE® Whitening Gel is the ideal take-home whitening solution if you want complete flexibility. It’s available with 4 different concentration level that can be determined by our OPALESCENCE®-licensed dental professional and comes in 3 flavors (Regular, Mint, & Melon). This means you can wear your customized bleaching tray for as little as 30 minutes per day, or even overnight upon your own convenience.

OPALESCENCE® Whitening Gel uses carbamide peroxide as its whitening agent but its unique feature is that it contains potassium and fluoride (PF), which preserves your tooth enamel’s health throughout the bleaching process as well as preventing dehydration and discoloration relapse. You get whitening results comparable to an in-office laser whitening treatment at home in a safe, effective, and flexible way!

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