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Local Transportation

Local Buses (Songtaew)
The bright blue buses, with their gaily-painted destination signs written along the top, are easily identifiable. They travel the island on designated routes, leaving the central market area in Phuket Town every half-hour between 7.00 am and 6.00 pm, and traveling to each of the various beaches. The average cost is between 10 and 40 Baht depending on how far you are travelling. There are no bus stops on the island so if you want to catch a bus from outside Phuket Town, just flag one down on a main road by waving your hand, palm down.

Micro Bus
There are microbuses serve in Phuket town and vicinity. The fare is min 10 Baht.

Motorcycle Rentals
Although all sizes of motorcycles are readily available for rental at reasonable pries, it is not always advisable to do so. Insurance coverage is NOT available for motorcycles. You must pay for any damages along with any medical bills. If you do choose to rent a motorcycle, please drive carefully.

Motorcycle Taxis
Motorcycle taxis can be found along roadsides in Patong beach, Phuket Town, and most of the busier intersections around the island. Recognizable by numbered green or red vests, they go everywhere, very fast if need be. Again, agree to the price before hopping on, or you will pay more.

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