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Phuket Dental

At Sea Smile Dental Clinic, Phuket, Thailand we provide ultimate dentist services in Thailand. All services are taking care by dental specialists equipped with modern equipment for your confidence and to provide the best service. Located at Patong beach of Phuket, Thailand with 4 dental rooms and equipped with most up-to-date technology and uncompromising sterilization methods. Be it a routine check up, laser tooth whitening, Dentist Extreme Makeover , Invisalign or a complex Full Mouth Dentist Implants,  we know how to exceed your expectations.

Phuket Laser Whitening

"Gentle, Safe, Fast and Effective in just 1 visit"

At one time, a discolored smile was something we just had to live with - but not any longer. Thanks to recent advances in “truly” laser tooth whitening, obtaining a dazzling smile has never been easier or quicker. In just one visit to Sea Smile Dental Clinic during your vacation to Phuket, Thailand, you can now enjoy the benefits of a whiter and more confident smile with “truly” laser tooth whitening. Laser tooth whitening is a painless procedure that uses specific wavelength laser to whiten your smile. Sea Smile Dental Clinic offers a unique holistic approach in achieving a more confident and healthy smile. We have combined the best of latest laser tooth whitening technology with Asian mind, body, and soul therapy.

Our “truly” laser tooth whitening represents a leap in technology which has elevated the standard for cosmetic dentistry. The laser tooth whitening system was designed to utilize advanced laser technology. The laser is synchronized with a proprietary photon activated whitening gel, that is activated by the selective absorption characteristics of this specific laser wavelength. Our laser tooth whitening system has been engineered with the most optimum laser beam characteristics to be used with the proprietary gel for whitening. This is one of the most advanced, widely-accepted and effective tooth whitening methods in current use. It has transformed the appearance of thousands of patients. Even for those whose teeth are deeply stained, yellowed or gray in color, Laser Tooth Whitening offers outstanding results. With exceptional service and first-class care at an affordable price, we will give you plenty of reasons to smile during your holidays!

Welcome to the Smile Phuket laser whitening. We have a dedicated team of experienced and highly qualified dentists and dental specialists covering cosmetic dentistry, implant, bridge, crown, veneer, surgery, root canal treatment, gum treatment, operative dentistry, general dentistry and more specific treatments.

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