Full-mouth Reconstruction/Rehabilitation

The top-tier service and most advanced dental procedures that are included in our practice at Sea Smile Dental Clinic is the ideal choice for those in need of Full Mouth Reconstruction. Most of our highly satisfied patients have expressed their positive emotions that their new set of teeth has made them feel as if they gained a new perspective in life.

Sea Smile Dental Clinic is home to highly trained team of certified dental professionals and a world-class in-house dental lab which sets us apart from other dental facilities in Phuket, Thailand. We firmly believe that the result of full-mouth reconstruction is significantly a work of art in which our outstanding dentists adapt to the role of being passionate artists to best meet or even exceed your expectations on having that great smile you truly deserve. We will be provided with a customized treatment plan which would allow you to achieve a healthy, beautiful, and most of all, a functional mouth in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

A Full-mouth Reconstruction is a highly individualized treatment concept. The main objective is the treatment plan is to optimize the overall health of your mouth, which includes your teeth, gums, and occlusion (or bite). In most cases, it would be necessary to restore or replace each of the tooth in your mouth using a combination of dental treatments.

Full-mouth Reconstruction or Rehabilitation may include any of the following restorative and/or cosmetic dentistry treatments:

At Sea Smile Dental Clinic, we are proud to let you know that we have our own dental specialist for each of the fields that your Full-mouth Recontruction Treatment will require. Hand-in-hand they will work in unison to help you achieve your best smile ever.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Candidacy

A number of reasons, including diseases and trauma can cause teeth to fall out or become damaged. An ideal candidate for full mouth reconstruction need to be in good overall health but have badly damaged or multiple missing teeth to having edentulous jaw/s (all teeth missing).In some cases, full-mouth reconstruction patients also require the replacement of their existing dental works which have been worn over time. And although most full-mouth reconstruction treatment plans do require extensive work and multiple clinic visits, the result would be a fully-functional mouth and superb oral health that usually last for many years to come.

To explore the many benefits of having a full-mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation to obtain a new set of healthy teeth and a brand new smile which would definitely provide a surge in self-confidence and a better quality of life, make an inquiry or book an appointment to meet with our specialists and discuss about full-mouth reconstruction.

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