Company Events & Activities

Sea Smile Dental Clinic belongs to the Bangkok Smile Dental Group (BSDG), one of the largest and most respected names in dental care industry in Thailand. BSDG organizes an annual New Year’s Team Building & Activity Gathering among its more than 230 employees, including dentists and other staff from all our clinic branches in Bangkok and Phuket. The main objective of such a massive gathering is to encourage positive team interactions with each and strengthen their bonding relationships which effectively improve the entire organizational teamwork – simply put, to promote “Working Hand-in-Hand as a Family."

BSD Group Annual Meeting

At Sea Smile Dental Clinic, we treat each and every patient that comes through our doors as family. We firmly believe that to be able to provide the warmest most enjoyable experience to our clients from all over the world, we should emanate a family atmosphere among all our clinics. And to successfully fulfil this, we start from our very own group.

The gathering includes a variety of group activities with different themes such as charity, sports, talent performances, and fellowship parties. Not only is this for entertain all our staff and professionals; it also significantly reduces conflicts and tension from their workplace. Our core belief is that treating everyone as family builds stronger working relationships, creates a better working environment, and leads to a higher quality of work/service performance. And ofcourse, the positive end result – providing quality services to our valued customers because they are family to us.

New Year's Activities Gathering (2012)

New Year's Activities Gathering (2011)

New Year's Activities Gathering (2010)