Our In-House Dental Laboratory

Custom-made, Fast & Efficient Top-Quality Prosthetics for our Patients

A Dental Laboratory is the backbone of every dental practitioner to be able to render quality services to patients, particularly on the prosthetic phase of certain dental treatments. Inside the dental lab is where Art blends with Science and driven by Technology to be able to fabricate corrective devices and dental restorations that are very essential for certain dental treatments. That’s why at Sea Smile Dental Clinic, we decided to furnish ourselves with our own In-House dental laboratory; and this led us to gain such high advantages over other dental clinics in Thailand:

  • EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION — Communication between our clinic’s dentists and dental technicians is unflawed as it is direct. This eliminates redundant errors which are common amongst dental clinics relying on external facilities or dental laboratories.
  • FASTER & MORE EFFICIENT SERVICES — Two key factors in rendering sensible services is speed and reliability. With an in-house dental lab, your prosthetics or dental restorations are fabricated with great efficiency and speed, as other clinics usually have to outsource these procedures from outside facilities or commercial labs, sometimes even outside of the country; hence, resulting into mass-produced and low-quality prosthetics. Not to mention the time-consuming process of having to transport everything from the clinic to an external laboratory and vice-versa.
  • CUSTOM-AESTHETICS & PRECISE FITTING — As you are in the presence of our in-house lab technicians, they are able to directly spot or listen to your specific needs and wants. Henceforth, we can assure you of a custom-built prosthetic or dental device in every treatment we impart; moreover, a precise fit is guaranteed at the same time, as both your dentist and lab technician are on-site with their ability to troubleshoot and suggest innovative solutions that would benefit you most. Both of their skills in blending art and science will be utilized to attain the highest level of quality, not only in form and function, but with the most pleasing appearance as well.

Sea Smile Dental Clinic Phuket is proud to be a part of the Bangkok Smile Dental Group (BSDG), one of the largest and most respected dental groups in Thailand, which we currently have 10 dental clinics and 2 ISO certified dental labs, which currently fully digital dental labs, in our group (November 2023)

BSDG's dental laboratory is ISO 9001:2008 certified, demonstrating their dedication to delivering the highest quality dental care services and products. This certification encompasses:

Internal Processes Management: Ensures efficient and streamlined operations.
Inspection Control: Rigorous checks for quality and consistency.
Quality Control: Continuous improvement through ongoing monitoring.
Delivery: Timely and accurate delivery of dental products.

Our patients can be confident that you are receiving dental care from a dental group that prioritizes quality and excellence. We utilize the expertise and resources of our inhouse ISO-certified dental laboratory, ensuring you receive the highest quality dental products and services.

  1. Faster turnaround times: In-house labs eliminate the need for shipping and communication delays between the clinic and an external lab. This allows us to deliver your crowns, bridges, dental veneers and other dental restorations much faster, minimizing the number of appointments you need and getting you back to your beautiful smile sooner. Additionally, as we are digital dental lab, our digital workflows can significantly shorten your appointments, making the dental experience more pleasant and less time-consuming.
  2. Enhanced quality control: BSDG's ISO certification ensures that your dental restorations are produced according to rigorous quality standards. From the selection of materials to the craftsmanship of the lab technicians, every step of the process is meticulously monitored and controlled. This means you can be confident that your restorations will be durable, fit perfectly, and look natural.
  3. Greater flexibility and customization: Having an in-house lab allows our dentists to work closely with our dental lab technicians to create custom dental works that meet your specific needs and preferences. We can adjust the color, shape, and size of your restorations to achieve the perfect aesthetic result. Additionally, the close collaboration allows for adjustments and modifications to be made quickly and easily, ensuring the perfect fit and comfort.
  4. Better visualization: As our digital lab is the digital lab too, this also gives our patients the huge benefits, including the better visualization with 3D models , and these simulations allow you to see what your final restorations will look like before treatment begins, reducing anxiety and increasing confidence.
  5. Enhanced Education and Patient Engagement. With our digital workflow, we can show you 3D models of your teeth and the proposed treatment plan, making it easier to understand the process and ask questions. With our Before-and-after simulations, you can see what your smile will look like after treatment, helping you make informed decisions about your dental care.

By choosing Sea Smile Dental Clinic, you gain access to a cutting-edge digital dental lab that offers a multitude of benefits, not only in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and patient experience, but also in terms of sustainability, patient comfort, and education. We believe that this combination makes us the ideal choice for anyone seeking the best possible dental care in Thailand. We prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction. Our digital dental lab plays a key role in achieving this goal by offering a more pleasant and efficient dental experience.