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5 Most beautiful beaches in Phuket you need to visit once in a lifetime

What makes Phuket’s beaches so unique? Actually, it isn’t the beach itself, but its surroundings that make it a paradise. The sea around Phuket’s beaches is excellent for swimming. During the high season, the waters are crystal clear,and warm. If you’re a surfer, you may not be attracted to this type of water. However, this is where you should be if you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy a nice swim or snorkelling. Even those who are more adventurous will find Phuket an excellent place for exploration.

1.Kata beach
Kata Beach is possibly one of the best beaches in Phuket, located on Phuket's west coast, Karon, with spectacular views of the sea and a lively culture that thrives all year round. Golden sands, clear blue water, sun-bathing and relaxation, surfing, snorkelling, family fun and endless activities, Kata beach has it all.
The food at Kata Beach leaves nothing to be desired. You’ll be spoilt for choice, and will only worry that you won’t have enough tummy space to sample all the incredible restaurants crowded along the beach.

2.Patong beach
Patong beach has become almost synonymous with Phuket due to its widespread popularity among foreign tourists. Patong has world famous nightlife and agreat beach. Mostly made up of hotels, world class restaurants, nightclubs and various tourist attractions. With a half-moon shape of sloped, white-powdery Beach considered the most beautiful on the island, Patong was the first beach in Phuket that was developed to serve local and international tourists. The three-kilometer beach is now the most popular beach in Phuket.
After the 2004 tsunami event, early warning systems have been installed and improved and it is surely you will receive some sort of warning if a major earthquake or seismic event occurs nearby or offshore.

3.Banana beach (Koh Hey)
Secluded white-sand beach with kayaking & snorkeling around a coral reef, plus a pier & restaurant. If you want to avoid the crowds, I’d recommend you to rent your own boat then tell the driver to take you to Banana Beach. This beach is just to the east of Long Beach and only about half its length. There is good snorkelling almost immediately offshore. The shallow coral reef is an ideal snorkeling site even for beginners or children.

4.Karon beach
Karon Beach, or Hat Karon as it is called in Thai. Located in the south west of the island, between bustling Patong to the north and popular Kata to the south, is a stunning 3,5-km long beach with super soft white sand and clear turquoise sea. This uncrowded beach features an incredibly long stretch of white sand (one of the longest beaches in Phuket) packed with a full range of tourist facilities, dining and outdoor recreation. There are no such a place that suit for all kind of activity from relaxing to sport game than this beach.

5.Freedom beach
As the name implies, the beach is suitable for the tourists seeking freedom from their works.This very calm and quiet beach is nestled in a hidden bay, far from the street. It seems incredible that such a perfect, beautiful beach exists so close to Patong beach which is completely different from Freedom beach. There are forests nearby, various plant species,including crystal clear sea water to see the fish and clean white sandy beaches. Freedom beach is one of the secret and preserved places around the crowded beaches of Patong. This magnificent place attracts tourists with its clear waters, white sand, tropical vegetation and peaceful atmosphere.


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