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The best things to do in Phuket EP. 1

Phuket, the tropical island, southern of Thailand, is very famous for a number of things like beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, night markets, delicious seafood, and of course scuba diving. On such a large and popular island, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of fun things to do in Phuket. So we’ve prepared a list of the top attractions on the island to make sure the only thing you’re worrying about is what to do first.

Big Buddha
Phuket Big Buddha, or The Great Buddha of Phuket, is a seated Maravija Buddha statue in Phuket, Thailand. The official name is Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Eknakiri, shortened to Ming Mongkol Buddha. Sitting atop Nakkerd Hill (also spelt Nagakerd) near Chalong, construction began in 2004. Expansion of the base was ongoing as of 2015. By 2017, 80 percent of the project had been completed. It is the third-tallest statue in Thailand behind only the Great Buddha of Thailand and Luang Phor Yai. A 45 meters -tall white marble statue, it’s worth the walk uphill under the hot sun to see the Buddha up close; you’ll be rewarded with glorious panoramic views of Phuket from the top.

Phuket walking street
Located in the old town part of Phuket. The 2 main items sold at Phuket Walking Street are food and souvenirs, you may find a lot of things here, whether it is authentic southern Thai cuisine, authentic Thai handicrafts and gifts under the scenic Chinese lanterns and between the majestic, colourful buildings.

Promthep cape
The place is for sunset lovers. Promthep Cape has one of the best, most beautiful views of the sunset in all of Thailand. You may see its famous view of the sunset all over the internet, but nothing compares to seeing it in real life. We recommend that you should arrive at least an hour before dawn because of the bad traffic and the limited parking spot. Grilled squid and coconut ice cream are must-tries at Promthep cape

Muay Thai stadium
The most well-known Thai sport. Muay Thai, seen in the stadium in Patong, allows competitors to strike one another using legs, fists, knees and elbows. This discipline is known as the "art of eight limbs" as it is characterised by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees and shins.The boxer uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. It is considered to be one of the deadliest martial arts . Muay Thai fights in the ring can be brutal -and bloody- with flying knees, sharp elbow strikes, hard kicks to the guts, and swinging punches. The stand-up striking in Muay Thai is among the most effective you will find in any martial art. It is also one of the most widely trained martial arts on the planet.


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