Financial Considerations

A common notion about Dental Implants is that they are expensive. Implant dentistry is by far the preeminent type of replacement for a missing tooth or a number of teeth in comparison to its traditional and “less-expensive” counterparts like dental bridgeworks or dentures. While it does sound plausible to go in for these more economical methods, always going for the cheaper option may not be right choice in the long run.

First and foremost, let’s have a summary of what makes dental implants more advantageous over other methods:

  • Dental Implants are virtually indestructible; hence they last much longer
  • They also feature superior strength and stability
  • Loss of bone associated with missing teeth is prevented by Dental Implants
  • There is absolutely no need to alter or transfer loads to any of the surrounding teeth
  • Dental Implants provide pleasing aesthetics and decidedly natural-looking appearance
  • They can let you eat the foods you like, even hard ones, with great confidence
  • Dental Implants imparts higher self-esteem and an improved quality of life
  • Placing Dental Implants requires no age restriction at all

Now, let’s move over to some statistics. Let’s take for example a young adult who wants to replace a missing tooth, and chooses to go for a fixed dental bridge or a removable denture, which most likely includes the need to have them changed/replaced for at least once in the next 5 to 10 years or so, while not to mention such unavoidable circumstances of possible accidents or injuries that may occur within those span of years. In comparison with going for a single-tooth dental implant, the treatment may present itself to be more expensive. The truth of the fact is, the implant treatment may initially cost more, compared to the dental bridgework, but the difference is negated or justified within several years, along with reaping the advantages and other benefits that dental implants provide.

Material Costing, Research & Development, and many other factors contribute to why a Dental Implant Treatment is more expensive over other treatments/procedures. Nonetheless, their effectiveness when it comes to function and aesthetic restoration, along with the remarkable convenience that they provide, neutralizes the higher initial costs that is being presented. That is why despite of the treatment being more expensive, many people are now considering going for Dental Implants rather than its conventional counterparts. Simply put, a Dental Implant Treatment may be considered as a viable investment for a lifetime.

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