Fixed-Bridge over Implants (Full Jaw)

Prior to the technological breakthrough of Implant Dentistry, there is technically no permanent solution to replace missing teeth, particularly for those who have lost all of their teeth. With continuous development in dental technology, it is now even possible to replace a full jaw. A Fixed-Dental Bridge which is placed over a set of Dental Implants to replace your full jaw provides the best solution when you have lost all of your teeth.

The procedure combines durability, stability, and features great aesthetics to your mouth, thus letting it function as normal as having your natural teeth. A Fixed-Bridge over Dental Implants not only restores your mouth’s function, but it also preserves your natural facial appearance and prevents significant bone loss caused by losing all of your teeth.


Necessary preparation is made to determine which options will best suit your specific condition. Your dentist will make a thorough examination of your mouth and some brief discussions to ensure a positive result on every procedure to be made.

The next step would be the surgical placement of the dental implants on your gums. This would replace tooth roots that were lost along with the natural teeth. The number of implants to be used depends on your specific condition. After successfully installing, temporary teeth will be attached to the implants. They will serve as protection and enables your mouth’s normal functions while waiting for your permanent dental bridge to be installed.

The next procedure involves attaching the permanent dental bridge on top of the dental implants. Meticulous steps and techniques will be done by your dentist to make sure the bridge is properly aligned and very natural in appearance. Your occlusion or bite will also be considered to make sure your new teeth will function properly.

The end result should be a new set of teeth that would be difficult to tell from natural ones, both for others and even you. Usually, and especially for people who’ve worn traditional dentures before, having a fixed-bridge over dental implants to replace their missing teeth creates a very positive and overwhelming confidence in them.

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