The NobelGuide™ System

(A complete treatment concept with digital precision for all indications)

Nobel Biocare, the world-leader in implant dentistry innovation, has come up with an all-in-one treatment concept for a wide variety of indication with digital precision – NobelGuide™. Both we, at Sea Smile Dental Clinic and you, our valuable patient, can benefit from the advantages of using this sophisticated concept for a completely-guided diagnostic & evaluation, planning, surgical, and restorative procedure throughout your dental implant treatment.

Utilizing the precision of CAD/CAM (computer-aided designing/computer-aided manufacturing), NobelGuide™ enables us to integrate a conventional tooth-setup diagnostic with a full 3-D viewing of your x-ray anatomy as the fundamental point for a comprehensive evaluation and a precise definition of the implant unit’s position in your jaws. We can accurately plan everything with the NobelGuide™ software, from the guided-surgical placement of the implants to the careful fitting of the dental crown/bridge, depending on your prosthetic requirements and quality of your jawbone structure.

The decision making process is notably simplified as the NobelGuide™ software’s analytical comprehension can come up not only with the ideal implant position/s, but furthermore, with the optimal biomechanical, functional, and aesthetic requirements as well. Upon the conclusion of the guided-planning, the NobelGuide™ System will successively fabricate a corresponding surgical template, custom-built accordingly in contrast with the location, type, and size of the implant units and your preferred prosthetic. The surgical template will enable your oral surgeon to perform a safe and predictable implant unit placement procedure for whatever indication – replacing a single tooth, several teeth, or an entire jaw/mouth.

With the NobelGuide™ Treatment Concept, we have the ability perform a virtual surgery on the computer before your actual surgery, which yields a minimally-invasive, safe, and very predictable outcome. Replacing your missing teeth has never been easier, quicker, and more comfortable. Now, we can give you a beautiful smile in no time utilizing the Teeth-in-an-Hour™ Treatment Concept, made possible only with the NobelGuide™ System.

No longer will you need months to wait for the dental implant units to heal before your final prosthetic or “new teeth” are placed, NobelGuide™ allows you to smile right away. Unlike conventional dental implant treatment, the number of visits to your dentist and the time you spend there is appreciably reduced. Best of all, as there is no recovery period required, you will be able to promptly eat the foods you like and immediately return to your active lifestyle right after your treatment.

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