Implant-Supported Overdentures

Removable Full Dentures are considered to be one of the best solutions if you have lost most or all of your teeth. But more often than not, they are only adequate in replicating the look of your natural teeth, and they fall short when considering their function and long term effect. Common complaints for removable dentures includes shifting out of place, feeling loose over time, and an embarrassing detachment while chewing or speaking. Furthermore, they won’t be able to prevent the gums and jawbones in shrinking with time.

Not only would this make your dentures progressively looser, but this will also exude a negative effect on your facial features, categorically speaking, it will make your face sag and make you look older.

The most viable solution is to support your full dentures with Dental Implants. Implant-Supported Removable Dentures are actually removable dentures that are securely anchored on two or more dental implants via either a ball or a bar attachment. In this way, the dentures are maintain in a sturdy and stable state providing better function and comfort, and most importantly, apart from allotting support for the dentures, the dental implants takes the place of the lost tooth roots, so further loss of valuable bone structure is prevented or minimized, thus ensuring you of confidence in both your oral health and facial appearance as well.


The first step is the same as with any dental implant procedure, which consist of surgically placing the titanium-made implant screws directly on your jawbones to replace the missing tooth roots, and covering them for protection while they remain underneath the gums for about three to six months, the period where proper Osseo-integration or fusing between the titanium implants and jawbones takes place.

The next step would involve the removal of the protective covering of the dental implants to be able to place either the ball or bar attachment over them. The ball or bar attachment will serve as the connector to which the full dentures will be securely attached. This completes the very foundation to which your removable dental fixture will be placed.

The third and final step consists of the appropriate fitting and placement of your removable dentures. By using proper techniques, your dentist will make sure the dentures are sufficiently supported by the dental implants and perfectly blend with your mouth as well as with your facial features. Further instructions will be provided by your dentist on the proper and safe way to remove and put back your removable dental fixture.

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