(A Nobel Biocare® Treatment Concept)

Time is of great essence to everyone. And at Sea Smile Dental Clinic, not only do we value your precious time, but we also do our best to incorporate ourselves to the latest technological breakthroughs with regards to implant dentistry, thus we are proud to offer the Teeth-in-an-Hour™ Treatment Concept by Nobel Biocare - the world-leader in implant dentistry innovation.

This treatment was conceptualized by combining the NobelGuide™ and Immediate Function™ Implant systems. These unique systems provide a lot of advantages over traditional dental implant treatments. The concept significantly reduces the chair-time and number of visits to our clinic, and best of all, there is no recovery period required, meaning to say you can immediately go back to your active lifestyle right after the treatment.

The Teeth-in-an-Hour™ Concept basically eliminates the time-consuming “freehand” surgical methods produced by old-fashioned implant treatments. This is made possible using a computerized analysis of your digitized imagery (CAD/CAM) and bio-engineering science during your initial visit. This means that everything is done in precision during the Preparation Stage (1 to 2 visits to our clinic) prior to your surgery day. With a guided-surgical procedure and a prosthetic precisely prepared, the whole Surgical & Restorative Stage can be done within an hour, as the concept’s name obviously suggests.

Preparation Stage

With the Teeth-in-an-Hour™ Treatment, the Preparation Stage is where most of the work is done. Right from the start, the NobelGuide™ System will be fully-utilized. Using the incredible precision of the system’s computer software, the diagnostics, radiographic results, and CT-scan images will determine a virtual positioning of the implants.

The software will be able to produce an implant- drilling guide design which will then be sent by email to Nobel Biocare Lab in order to fabricate the actual surgical guide using CAD/CAM Bio-engineering techniques to produce a customized titanium framework with a tolerance within 200 microns in precision. Once the guide is done and quality-certified, it will be sent to our clinic and your surgery will be scheduled.

Surgical and Restorative Stage

The Surgical and Restorative Stage involves the actual placement of the dental implants and restorative teeth are combined using the NobelGuide™ titanium framework. The guide will serve as a template for your jaw’s structure where your dentist can easily place the dental implants together the final prosthesis, or to be more specific, your “new set of perfect teeth.”

The NobelGuide™ System is also designed to be compatible with Immediate Function™ Restorative Systems such as Procera Crowns Alumina, Procera Crowns Zirconia, or Procera Implant Bridge Framework for excellent durability and great aesthetics. The procedures involved in this stage can be completed on a single chair-side session and in one hour, thus living up to its name – your Teeth-in-an-Hour™.

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